Supporting diversity and inclusion at LMW

Workplace diversity and inclusion is not only a strategic focus for our organisation, it is something we are passionate about.

We are focusing on true cultural change to promote an environment that is inclusive, where all our employees feel comfortable being themselves at work.

Encouraging women into trades and traditionally male-oriented roles brings a new viewpoint to the workplace and can change work cultures for the better. Caitlyn Petty joined Lower Murray Water (LMW) as a First Year Electrical Apprentice in March 2020 thanks to her outstanding application and interview.

“I’ve always wanted to work in the electrical field, in some type of trade,” Caitlyn said.

“Working at LMW has been fun and a great way to learn from more experienced electricians and engineers.

“I have been able to use what I have learnt in many different functions of the business and I am always busy and on the go.

“My team has been a huge support, and I feel able to voice my views and ask lots of questions.

“Women should definitely give trades a go – put yourself out there and try your best.”

Another new starter joining LMW this year was Stephanie Sloane when the organisation identified an Indigenous traineeship within the People & Culture Team would further enhance the business by providing different views, experiences and insights to filter through to the rest of the organisation.

Stephanie was employed as the People & Safety Trainee in May 2020. She is a proud Ngiyampaa woman and has a strong connection to her culture, history and the land.

She has brought not only her experience and passion for people to this role, but also a commitment to inspire and mentor others wishing to pursue a career at LMW.

“Working for LMW has been a really rewarding experience,” Stephanie said.

“I have commenced my Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety and I am learning so much about human resources and health and safety in the workplace with my team.

“They have been really supportive and helpful, especially during the pandemic while I’ve had to work from home, which has helped me to learn and grow”.

Caitlyn Petty joined Lower Murray Water (LMW) as a First Year Electrical Apprentice in March 2020.