Collaborating with our customers

We are committed to effective engagement to strengthen the relationships with our customers, communities and partners.

Did you know one of the ways we engage with our customers is through our customer committees?

Customer committee members provide advice and input to the LMW Board and management on a range of industry or service-related matters to assist in guiding government strategy and policy.

There are nine LMW committees including an urban consultative committee, six rural Customer Service Advisory Committees and a rural Strategic Advisory Committee, representing customers across the irrigation districts of Mildura, Merbein, Red Cliffs, Robinvale, Millewa Waterworks District and the Private Diverter zone.

Topics for discussion may range from metering and maintenance planning to capital works and customer consultation. We also provide updates on projects and initiatives to seek customer feedback and input.

Vacant positions are available on the following committees:

  • Customer Consultative Committee (urban)
  • Strategic Advisory Committee (rural)
  • Mildura Customer Service Advisory Committee (rural)
  • Merbein Customer Service Advisory Committee (rural)
  • Private Diverters (rural)

If you’re a LMW customer with ideas on how we can improve services in your district or area, visit lmw.vic.gov.au/consultation or contact 03 5051 3400 for more information.

LMW staff and members of the Red Cliffs Customer Service Advisory Committee meet on site at a member's property to discuss local topics.