Water licenses & entitlements

Your property may have a water entitlement, which gives you rights to the water on your land. You may also have an allocation entitlement, which is a share of the available water in our region. We manage entitlements on behalf of the state government and our community.

What does Water Entitlement (WEE) number mean?
Known as a water share, it is a legally recognized, ongoing entitlement to a share of the water available in storage dams (Hume and Dartmouth).
It gives the owner a right to a share (allocation) of water in the dams.
The volume of a water share is defined as a maximum amount of allocation that can be made against it each year. Water shares may be high-reliability or low-reliability.

What does Allocation Account (ABA) mean?
Allocations made during the irrigation season are credited to the allocation bank account (ABA) of each water share holder. The balance of an ABA is the amount of water available to the owner of the associated water share for the current season.
Allocation can be traded in or out within the current season for further information on water trading.