Trading Water and Entitlement Transfers

Why trade water? 
As a buyer, water trading can help to meet your usage needs during a dry spell, or when your existing allocation is not enough. As a seller, it can assist in providing an extra source of income for water allocation that you aren’t using. You can trade any unused allocation from your allocation bank account (ABA). These trades are for one season only and finish on 30 June each year.

Click here to view the map of trade opportunities for interstate and within Victoria.

How are prices set for water trades?
The price for the water needs to be negotiated between the seller and buyer. We do not play a role in trading price negotiations.

Statistics on past trades and transfer prices can be obtained from the Victorian Water Register.

Are there any application fees?
When a water trade is completed within the Victorian Water Register a fee is charged. Application forms and information about fees can be found here.

How you can transfer your entitlements:

  • Limited Term Transfer – This is where you lease your water share to someone else for a set period (from 1 up to 20 years) without changing the ownership of the water share. A Limited Term Transfer will remain in place until it expires or is renounced; even if the water share is transferred permanently (see below). The person renting is called the holder of the Limited Term Transfer and is the only person who can renounce or cancel the Limited Term Water Share Transfer before its expiry date. Any allocations held by the seller at the time of the transfer remain in the seller’s ABA but can be traded by the seller via an Allocation Trade. Any further allocations will be added to the holder’s ABA. Click here to view Limited Term Transfer form.
  • Permanent Transfer- This is when you sell all or part of a water share. The legal ownership of the water share changes, but any existing Limited Term Transfers against that water share will remain in place until they either expire or are given up.
  • Delivery Share Transfer – This is the permanent transfer of all or part of your delivery share rate. Restrictions apply where a delivery share can be traded within the district, as they directly relate to and influence the capacity of each of the delivery systems in the district. Click here to view Application to Transfer Delivery Form.
  • Annual Use Limit (AUL) Transfer – This is either the permanent or temporary transfer of your volume of water that in any 12-month period may be applied to the land specified in a water-use licence or water-use registration. Click here to view Application to Transfer AUL form.

How can I find a buyer or seller of water? 

There are many ways to find buyers and sellers of water. You could advertise in the local paper, talk to your neighbour, look in the yellow pages under “Brokers General” or use a trading exchange.

A list of accredited water brokers can be found on the Australian Water Broker Association membership page.

We do not endorse any of the brokers on the list and persons wishing to trade water are advised to make their own enquiries prior to engaging a broker.

More information
For more information please contact our Water Trade section.