Supplying your property

Irrigation customers are supplied with non-drinkable river quality water and drainage services. It’s important to remember that rural property water users have obligations as well as rights, and that some properties might also need appropriate year-round storage capacity.

How we supply water to your property

We provide river quality water and drainage services to Irrigation customers and also supply untreated water to a large number of Domestic and Stock Customers via our infrastructure.

We also licence customers (Private Diverters) to take and use water via a pump directly from the River Murray in the zone between Nyah to the South Australian border.

Irrigation customers in Mildura, Red Cliffs, Robinvale and Merbein are supplied with non-drinkable (non-potable) river quality water which is not fit for human consumption (directly or indirectly) without first being properly treated.

Supply to your property will only be available for use under a number of conditions including those outlined in your “Victorian Water Register Copy of Record”.

Sections of our supply systems may not be kept full for the entire year (for winter maintenance purposes) therefore you need to have appropriate storage on the property.

Water Ordering

Order your water here – Online water ordering is available 24 hours a day.

WaterNow rules for placing orders, Volumetric Restriction (Robinvale) and Improving Password Security

We have implemented some changes to water ordering to ensure we provide an equitable and secure operational environment when ordering irrigation water. Customers have been providing feedback to us on improving the system and we have sought to implement their suggested changes.

For those considering carryover, trading options or alternative sources it is important to:

  • Fully understand the trade and carryover rules, available at www.waterregister.vic.gov.au 
  • Ensure unused water is in allocation accounts eligible for carryover
  • Contact our Customer Experience team.


How we supply Drainage to your property

Irrigation Subsurface drainage is provided to customers in the irrigation districts of Mildura, Red Cliffs, Robinvale and Merbein.

Rights and Obligations for Rural Water Users

Customer Charter

This charter provides an explanation of your rights and obligations between Lower Murray Water and you as the customer. It communicates information regarding our service to you as the customer. The enforceability of some matters in the Customer Charter is pursuant to legislation such as the Water Act 1989, Water Industry Act 1994 and Lower Murray Water By-Laws, and in accordance with Policy. You can read the Rural Customer Charter. Click Here