Stock & Domestic

Private diverters or those in an irrigation district that provide accommodation and/or convenience facilities for employees/tenants and those that provide a water supply to residential schemes, syndicates or co-ops are advised to:

  • notify the employees/tenants that the water supply is untreated and is not suitable for drinking, food preparation and bathing*
  • notify customers that the water supply is untreated and is not suitable for drinking or food preparation.*

*Extra brochures can be obtained from us.

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Conditions for Domestic & Stock (D&S) Tapping


1. The water supplied from this tapping is only river / channel quality standard:
• It is not potable water and is not intended for human consumption (non consumptive domestic use);
• It may be unsuitable at times for other purposes (example washing, bathing, animal consumption; and
• It is the property owner’s responsibility to advise other parties who may use this water of the quality relating to this water supply.
• Lower Murray Water will endeavor to supply water to Customers at a quality that is at least the same as the source water from where it is taken. Lower Murray Water will monitor water quality and endeavor to inform Customers of changes in water quality which are likely to impact on the purposes for which water is used by Customers. Lower Murray Water will, when necessary, issue public notices regarding water quality. These notices will also be placed on Lower Murray Water’s web site.


2. D&S Allowance (Water Use Registration)
• The minimum D&S water share allowance for a D&S property is 1.5ML
• The maximum D&S water share allowance is 5.0ML.
• The LMW customer will not be able to access any water through the tapping until he/she has applied for and has received a Water Use Registration through the Victorian Water Register.
• Properties without a D&S water share are required to maintain a positive balance in their Allocation Bank Account (ABA) at all times.


3. Tapping and Internal Pipeline Size
• The size of the tapping shall be in accordance with Attachment 1 of Lower Murray Water’s Customer Charter (Rural) and as a guide shall be in accordance with the following table and as determined by Lower Murray Waters Engineering Department.


Water Pressure Tapping Size (mm) Meter Size (mm) Flow Control Valve
Greater than 25 metres water pressure. 25mm 25mm Yes
8 metres to 25 metres water pressure. 25mm 32mm No
Greater than 3 metres and less than 8 metres water pressure. 25mm 40mm No
Less than 3 metres water pressure at all times 40mm 50mm No

• The internal pipeline is to feed directly into the storage and be equipped with a ball valve.
• The tapping and the isolation valve on the LMW supply pipeline system is the property of LMW.


4. Pumps on D&S Installation
• A pump may be used to fill the approved storage if there is not sufficient pressure from the LWM supply system to do this.
• The maximum pump size shall be 20mm diameter centrifugal or pressure pump with an output of no greater than 0.6 l/s from gravity pipelines or 0.75l/s from medium/high pressure pipelines or channels.
• The pump shall be fitted with a cut-off switch to prevent overtopping when the tank is full.
• The pump can only be used to fill the approved storage and must not be used to water directly onto the property.


5. Approved Storage
It is recommended LMW customers who receive a D&S Water Supply should have adequate storage for 6 weeks normal use and the following minimum storage volumes are recommended to cover periods when irrigation systems are not operation eg: winter irrigation schedule.
• Sole supply from LMW (Rural) D&S – minimum recommended storage capacity 45,000 litres, or
• Dual Supply from LMW (Rural) D&S plus urban supply – minimum recommended storage capacity 4,500 litres.
• Earthen storages are not permitted.


6. Connection between LMW supply system and on-property storage
• No tappings are allowed to be installed on the internal pipeline between the tank and the LMW pipeline responsibility for repairs to the pipeline shall be in accordance with Section 9.1 and Attachment 1 of Lower Murray Water’s Customer Charter (Rural). In general the owner in low pressure systems the owner is responsible for the pipeline up to the meter assembly and in high pressure systems Lower Murray Water is responsible for the pipeline up to the meter assembly.


7. Meters
• An approved meter installation must be installed on all new connections and be located as close to the distribution system as possible
• A meter installation may include a meter, filter, flow control valve, pressure reducing valve and all pipe-work immediately before and after these fittings.
• All meters are the property of LMW.
• Where a meter is located on private land, the customer is to provide reasonable access (as determined by LMW) to read the meter and maintain the meter installation site. The meter installation must also be kept clear, to 0.5 metre distance, of all plants, weeds and structures.


8. The Customer is responsible:
• To pay all rates, tariffs and charges that are applicable to this supply, as determined by LMW.
• For cleaning the filter
• To not interfere or alter any part of the meter installation other than to clean the filter.
• To ensure that meters are readily accessible for reading and maintenance
• To ensure that where private pipelines pass through a property, easement rights in favour of the benefitting properties are obtained
• To obtain approvals from the relevant Authorities, Land Owner / Land Manager or Utility Providers, prior to the trenching of a private pipeline.


9. Shared Private D&S Pipelines
• LMW may allow a shared private community pipeline to a number of separate D&S properties from a single tapping on LMW supply system.
• A separate meter installation must be installed at each internal supply point.


10. Approval Process
• Once the application is approved, the customer is to pay all required installation charges to LMW, who will then arrange for the tapping and subsequent meter to be installed.
• The tapping will only be installed if there is no interruption to the pumping schedule and/or interferes with supply to other customers.
• Once the application is approved, the approval is only valid for the financial year (30 June) in which approval was granted.


If there is a delay by LMW in the installation process, and changes are made to the relevant Policy or Procedures, then those changes will be applicable at the installation time at no additional cost to the customer.


Conditions and Procedures in the application form. Click Here

On-Site Storage

We recommend that Customers provide adequate storage for 6 weeks’ normal use in irrigation or Rural districts. Customers should be aware that this is raw river water that is untreated and River conditions, including Blue Green Algae and Black Water events may render water unsuitable for use for a considerable period of time.

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