Targeting Plumatella

Following feedback from irrigation customers regarding blocked filters, LMW is undertaking a water quality program in Merbein, Red Cliffs C Sub and Mildura Benetook irrigation systems, targeting Plumatella.  This program will commence in early September and is scheduled to continue for around 10 weeks.  It is relevant to both irrigation and domestic & stock customers.

Plumatella, a type of bryozoan, is an organism found in oceans, lakes and streams.  Whilst important in natural freshwater environments such as the Murray River, it can become a nuisance in irrigation systems by blocking pipes and filters. Hydrogen peroxide is effective in the management of Plumatella and will not impact customers during application.  It is used in farming practices to maintain irrigation systems, whilst providing oxygen to soil and plants.

Low levels of hydrogen peroxide will be dosed to target the colonisation of Plumatella early in the irrigation season.

There will be no disruption to water supply during this time.   This treatment will NOT make the water potable and customers should continue to use rural water supplies for irrigation, domestic & stock use only.

For further information regarding Plumatella, please refer to the fact sheet

For information on the water quality treatment program, contact the LMW Operations Team on 5051 0795 during business hours.