Irrigation management

Irrigation customers can plan and monitor their water needs using a range of smart irrigation management tools. From salinity zone and soil mapping to the latest weather and river water quality data, we’ll help you get the most out of your water supply.

We provide the following services for our Irrigation customers to use when planning their irrigation developments or managing their current irrigation/water needs.


You can calculate your carryover using this tool from the Victorian Water Register: click here to calculate

Annual Use Calculator

The Annual Use calculator is a tool for estimating total annual use limit and delivery capacity required which is based on approved crop application rates and planted areas.

This calculator is only a guide and does not guarantee supply necessary from the delivery system.

Supply will be determined by us via an application for a hydraulic assessment.

Click here to apply for a Hydraulic Assessment. You will need to print/scan the application form and forward to applications@lmw.vic.gov.au.

New Irrigation Development Process

Our Licensing and Entitlements team can assist you with this process including:

  • Irrigation in general
  • Irrigation system performance
  • Soil type profiles
  • Crop application rates
  • Weather Stations monitoring climate conditions.

More information
For further information please contact us.

Weather Stations

Third Party app to the Weather Stations