Financial Hardship

Customers experiencing financial hardship

Our Hardship Policy has been developed to ensure a minimum level of service is delivered with maximum respect to Customers who are experiencing financial hardship.

We are aware that there are complex socio-economic factors in the communities that we serve, and acknowledges that some of our customers will experience some form of financial hardship from time to time.

Customers experiencing financial hardship can contact us for information on how we can assist you.

If you’re want to apply to our Financial Hardship Program CLICK HERE or call us on
03 5051 3400

Community Water Rebate Program

The Community Water Rebate Program is a targeted water rebate program to assist vulnerable and hardship customers. The program includes a range of products and services to improve water efficiency in households.

The focus of the program is on helping vulnerable and hardship customers that cannot afford to improve the water efficiency in their home.

The Community Water Rebate Program aims to reduce costs for customers and help them avoid high bills in the future.  The program does not provide subsidies for bills but is to assist hardship and vulnerable customers to reduce water use and utility costs.

The funding for the program comes from Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

For further information please contact us.

Family Violence Policy

We acknowledge that family violence is a serious issue that poses a substantial risk to the health and well-being of our communities.  We actively endorse measures to support customers and staff experiencing family violence including their safety and confidentiality. Our commitment to supporting family violence victims includes:

All our employees are trained in family violence awareness

  • Provide family violence awareness training to all employees.
  • A Customer Support Team who will confidentially manage customers at risk due to family violence
  • All our managers are trained in recognising the signs of family violence and how to respond appropriately

Contact us on  5051 3400 (Mildura); 5036 2150 (Swan Hill); 5450 3960 (Kerang) and ask to speak to the Customer Support Team – your call will be kept private and confidential.

Our Customer Family Violence Policy provides more detail on our commitment and support to our customers, including a comprehensive Referral Guide where you can find other support both locally and nationally.