Customer consultation opportunity


Lower Murray Water is inviting community members to provide guidance on the implementation of our current Water Plan 2018-23 and contribute to planning for our next Water Plan 2024-29. This may be in the form of focus groups, participating in surveys or providing feedback via other sources.


Are you interested in providing customer feedback on issues relating to services, future projects, water quality and pricing? Would you like to have your voice heard and influence Lower Murray Water services that affect you and the community?



If you would like to take part in one, or all of these upcoming opportunities, register your interest via the survey below.

Customer committees

Lower Murray Water (LMW) is committed to being customer-focused and as part of this vision, customer committees have been established across all locations and aspects of the business.

Customer committees can be contacted via LMW Manager Customers, Kaleb Sexton on 1800 808 830.

Customer committee protocols