Plumbing contractors have legal responsibilities to us before they start work. You must submit property sewerage plans at the completion of works. Property owners should be aware that failure on the part of their plumber to comply with these obligations might affect them.


The property owner or developer’s appointed Plumbing Contractor will be required to lodge application with the Corporation for consent to connect the property to a water main. Once consent is granted and all prescribed fees paid the connection arrangements can proceed. Please note the Corporation will require 48 hours notice prior to tapping.

Your Plumbing Contractor will be required to excavate and expose the water main with our staff responsible for installing the tapping band and ferrule on the main.

Your Plumbing Contractor will be solely responsible for all health and safety issues associated with the connection, including appropriate traffic management and applicable road opening permits. Your plumbing contractor will also be responsible for the installation of the property service pipes (from the water main to the water meter assembly) backfilling and site restoration.

Where applicable, building plans or titles must be submitted so that the Corporation can be satisfied proposed construction will not adversely impact on its infrastructure.

Water connections to allotments where property service pipes have been installed by the Corporation at subdivision stage.

The property owner/developers appointed Plumbing Contractor will be required to lodge an application with the Corporation for approval to connect the property to a water main. Once consent has been granted appropriate fees paid the Plumber will be issued with a Connection form and provided a water meter and a service location plan.
For water services larger than 25mm please contact the Corporation.

Plans and drawings

In many cases, property owners or their builders or planning consultants will need to submit building plans and titles to us before any plumbing work starts, so that we can assess how the proposed works will affect our infrastructure.

Fire services

Fire service connections are usually designed by an independent fire service hydraulics specialist. Owners can then lodge a fire service application with us and we’ll advise you of approval conditions, connections costs and the annual fire service tariff.


New Water Regulations 2014

For more information on LMW’s responsibilities and also what customers obligations are in relation to sewer and water infrastructure on their click the link below.

New Water Regulations were established in 2014 – click here to view them.