Land Development

Generally any development of land, redevelopment of land or subdivision will require the provision of water and sewerage services. In built up areas these services may already be available to the property being developed. However, it is important that a developer contemplating a development project checks that services are available to the site and, if available, they are adequate and have sufficient capacity to provide a service to the developer’s proposal.

If a development requires new works to extend or upgrade water and sewer networks to provide these services to a development, the developer generally has to pay for the construction.

Our Land Development Department is able to provide information on the following services.

  • New Connections Plumbing Applications
  • Fire Services Connections
  • Building over Easement Applications
  • Swimming Pool Backwash Applications
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Fire Service Flow & Pressure Applications
  • Service Locations
  • Stoppages in Sewer Drains

For more information on any of the above items please see below or contact the office.

Methods of Construction

The methods of construction available to the developer for the installation of our water mains and sewers to service new developments/subdivisions vary within our regions and are as follows:

  • Day Labour – Is defined as the provision of works using our direct labour workforce and sub-contract plant hire as required with materials being supplied by us. (Mildura region only)
  • Works by Contract – Is defined as the provision of works by a contractor selected by us following the invitation of tenders or quotations. Note: the contract is between us and the contractor (Mildura region only.)
  • Developer Design & Construct – Is defined as the developer undertaking the design and construction, including a supply of all materials, of water supply and sewerage services to our satisfaction under the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.

Formal agreements outlining costs and conditions are applicable to each method of construction.

Land development staff can provide advice relating to servicing requirements for subdivision proposals including Subdivision of Holdings and Amalgamations and associated costs.

Staff can also provide general advice relating to easements. Click here to contact us. 

New Customer Contributions

A new customer contribution is a charge paid by developers to us toward the cost of connecting new water, sewerage and/or recycled water services to a property or sub-division. In 2013 the Essential Services Commission made changes to the new customer contribution framework to better reflect the actual cost of new connections and factor in projected revenue.

For further information with respect to responsibility of services please refer to page 15 of the Customer Charter Summary.

To lodge a request for LMW asset location plans, please email to: asset.locations@lmw.vic.gov.au