Building & Development

Our Land Development Department is able to provide information on the following services.

  • New Connections Plumbing Applications
  • Fire Services Connections
  • Building over Easement Applications
  • Swimming Pool Backwash Applications
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Fire Service Flow & Pressure Applications
  • Service Locations
  • Stoppages in Sewer Drains

For more information on any of the above items please see below or contact the office.


Fire service connections are usually designed by an independent fire service hydraulics specialist. Owners can then lodge a fire service application with LMW and we’ll advise you of approval conditions, connections costs and the annual fire service tariff.


In many cases, property owners or their plumbing contractors will need to submit building plans and titles to Lower Murray Water before any plumbing work starts, so that we can assess how the proposed works will affect our infrastructure.