Lower Murray Water advises customers in towns supplied by the Mildura water treatment plants that emergency outdoor use restrictions have now been removed.

“It is extremely pleasing to see how the community has responded by significantly reducing water demand. This has enabled normal operating levels of our water treatment plants to be restored earlier than originally anticipated,” said Lower Murray Water Managing Director, Mr Anthony Couroupis.

Mr Couroupis said, “Removing these emergency restrictions has been our highest priority over the past 48 hours.”

Affected customers now return to Stage 1 water restrictions requirements. Customers are reminded that Stage 1 water restrictions apply to private, public, commercial and industrial gardens, including sporting grounds. Allocated specific times for watering of garden and lawn areas under Stage 1 are determined by odd and even property numbering and the corresponding day of the month, between the hours of 6am-10am, 6pm-10pm and midnight-4am. Hand-held watering with the use of a water saving trigger nozzle is still allowed at any time under Stage 1 water restrictions.

Ongoing monitoring of the quality of the source water and operations will continue.

For further information please visit our website www.lmw.vic.gov.au or contact
03 5051 3400.