Every five years, Lower Murray Water, along with all Victorian water corporations, is required to submit a plan to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) which outlines our proposed prices and operational activities for the next five years, including key improvements or upgrades. We are currently delivering on the 2018-2023 Water Plan, a document that was developed following extensive consultation with our customers. You can read about the ESC’s determination of that plan on the ESC website.


Our 2023-2028 Water Plan has now been submitted to the ESC and looks at areas such as water price, water quality, service levels, recycled water, irrigation, drainage and more.


Thank you to our customers, communities and stakeholders who contributed to our Pricing Submission through the consultation process. Your feedback, insights, and contributions provided us with a deeper understanding of what matters most to you.


The following customer outcomes were submitted in Pricing Submission 5 (PS5). These outcomes were informed by consultation to reflect key customer values and expectations:



From here, the pricing submission will be assessed against a legal framework established by the Victorian Government before the ESC seeks feedback from customers and stakeholders in early 2023. Feedback from stakeholders will be required at multiple points throughout the pricing review process to help inform the ESC. Dates and timelines for this engagement is determined by the ESC.

Following this process, the ESC will rate our submission and determine the prices that can be applied to customer bills. The key service outcomes, aligning prices and program of works will come into effect from 1 July 2023.


The proposed prices, key projects and other information can be found here in the LMW Pricing Submission Engagement Public Summary booklet.


LMW Pricing Submission Engagement Public Summary Booklet


Other information can be found at the Lower Murray Water price review 2023 page on the ESC website.