Sunraysia Water Efficiency Project

The Sunraysia Water Efficiency Project (SWEP) is funded by the Australian Government for $37.9 million. It builds on the success of the Sunraysia Modernisation Projects and aims to create a more efficient water delivery network across the Mildura, Red Cliffs and Merbein Irrigation Districts.

The Project involves the modernisation of around 27 km of irrigation channel through the installation of channel liners and buried pipelines. In addition, up to 374 Dethridge meters will be removed or upgraded, and up to 285 domestic and stock outlets will have modern flowmeters installed. These works will increase the efficiency of water delivery for LMW customers, remove redundant assets, extend the lifespan of irrigation infrastructure, and support the agricultural productivity of the region.

By minimising channel leakage and seepage, and more accurately measuring water used, the Project will generate up to 2.5 GL of water savings. Of this, 1.8 GL will be provided to the Commonwealth to enhance environmental outcomes in the Murray-Darling Basin, and the remaining savings will be shared equally between delivering water for Traditional Owners and improving urban water security in the region.

A section of previously lined channel. The Project involves installing pipelines or liner in channels across much of the Merbein, Mildura, and Red Cliffs irrigation districts.

Project updates 

Lower Murray Water has been given approval to establish and plan delivery of the Project. However, there is a ‘hold point’ in March 2023 where governments will decide whether to proceed with delivery of the Project.

Currently, the Project Team is focused on planning the management and delivery of the Project.

Commonwealth and State funding partners join the SWEP PCG and Project Team members for a site tour of the project