Rural Water Awards 2018

These awards seek to publically recognise, promote and reward rural water customers licence/entitlement holders) that have developed or adapted clever ideas that have led to better water use outcomes on their property. Outcomes that are delivering or having the potential to deliver water savings or greater productivity for their business. They also seek to build or strengthen relationships with customers and water corporations and to promote the understanding of what great work rural entitlement holders do with water.

Congratulations to the winners, we are very proud of this representation of the innovation in our region.  The video submissions can be watched below.

2018 State Winner – Community & Education

Merbein P-10 College has been announced as the State Winner for their Aquaponics system which has been designed, constructed and maintained as part of the Flo program, water journeying from a  fish tank to clay bead garden beds where nutrients are feeding veggies and fruit including strawberries, herbs and tomatoes and then being filtered through before heading back to the fish, cleaned and re-oxygenated.

This system is designed to reduce water consumption and has applications in science, food technology and trade classes.

“We are thrilled to be announced as State Winners and this is wonderful recognition for the hard work our students have put into the Aquaponic area.  It is fantastic for a small rural school to be recognized at State Level” Acting Principle Sandra Luitjes said.

2018 Runner Up – Community & Education

Sunraysia Residential Services Inc social initiative Benetook Farms has been announced Runners Up for their all-inclusive egg business, fruit and vegetable community garden and tours conducted for schools and community members.

2018 Encouragement Award – Irrigation

Stephen Bennett was awarded an Encouragement Award for his use of technology software, irriSAT, in the daily management of his property, an application which has reduced his water consumption from 14 ML per hectare to 9.  The State judges noted that technology is helping to shape the future of farming.