Welcome to Prep School Program

In 2015 we launched a program targeting our Prep students and encouraging them to keep hydrated, through offering all Preps starting school in 2016 a 450ml refillable water bottle in a lunch cooler bag.

This free program also encourages our new Prep students to ‘stay cool’ and refill their drink bottle with tap water. We have joined the ‘Choose Tap’ coalition, which focuses on re-hydrating with tap water instead of non-recyclable plastic bottles.

Since the beginning of this program, we have distributed almost 4,350 cooler bags and bottle sets to schools in our service region. For Prep students commencing in 2023 we are offering 800ml water bottles and 15cm rulers. Complete the form to register your school for the 2023 program.

Prep students at Ranfurly Primary School have received their cooler bags and drinks bottles.

Learning resources for the classroom

We have a large education program for Primary Schools with the objective of increasing awareness and understanding of our river system, water treatment processes, the water cycle and the wonders of water.

Schools may choose to complete the full teaching program, of four sections in the year groupings of Prep, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4 and Grades 5-6, or complete one or more of the modules available.

When registering to undertake the full program, class groups are provided with a range of resources for each student and Teachers’ Notes. Some minor resources will need to be supplied by the school. After the full program, each student is considered a “Super Water Saver” and is presented with a Dripster goody bag.

In addition to the full program and modules, we have “Dripster’s Super Water Saver Game” that can be borrowed by schools to support the ‘water wise’ message.

To enquire about the program, or order the modules, please contact our Engagement Officer  0477 955 639 or via email nicolette.robson@lmw.vic.gov.au, or fill in the order form using the links below.