Are you a “Water Wally” or are you “Water Wise”? Play Dripster’s Super Water Saver Game to find out. Game kit includes a game mat (125cm x 75cm), four playing pieces, dice, age appropriate “Water Wally” and “Water Wise” question cards and instructions for play.

Students receive a prize after the game. Dripster’s Super Water Saver Game can be used as an addition to one or more of our Go H2O education program modules, or independently.

We have two modules available for each year group, in addition to Dripster’s Super Water Saver Game. All modules come with Teachers’ Notes and a printed worksheet for each student (where appropriate).

Class recording sheets and additional resources are included where applicable, with some minor resources needing to be supplied by the school. We suggested a time allowance for completing all parts of the modules. Various activities may take from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

More information regarding the breakup of timing can be found in the Teachers’ Notes.