Stay Safe – Don’t Swim in Channels

Channels can be full of all sorts of nasties like snakes, broken glass, wire, logs, weeds, tin-cans and drums, tyres and even old bikes.

You can never be sure what might be lurking under the water.

Our channels are used to move water and deliver it to properties and houses, not for swimming.

Lurking underneath the water are pipes, gates and drains and these can create strong undercurrents.

Channels are not a safe alternative to the pool. Your local swimming pool is a much better way to keep cool.

Our region experiences very hot and dry conditions and it’s always tempting to find ways to cool off in the water.

Our channels are not the place to do this.

Channels also are a risk for your pets. The sloping sides of the channels can be slippery and weeds can easily get tangled around your pets.

Never allow your pet to swim in channels.

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