Lower Murray Water (LMW) is seeking to fill limited tenure vacancies on the Customer Service Advisory Committee. Successful candidates will be appointed to the CSAC pursuant to Section 122C of the Water Act 1989. LMW values diversity and is seeking and encouraging applications from irrigators with a broad range of backgrounds and experience including women, Indigenous Australians, people with a disability and people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background.


The vacancy exists on the following CSAC:

• Merbein – 1 Member

• Millewa – 1 Member

• Robinvale – 2 Members

The purpose of the CSAC is to provide advice to LMW on a range of water and service related matters of an operational nature.

Expressions of Interest open 8 am Monday 22nd October and close at 5.00pm Friday 7th December 2018.

Expressions of Interest must be accompanied by a duly signed and witnessed a statutory declaration.

For further information please contact Manager Key Stakeholders, Kelly Fyfe, on 03 5051 3400 or email: Kelly.fyfe@lmw.vic.gov.au

Rural Customer Survey Results

Topic 2017 2016 2015 2014
Overall Satisfaction 83.0% 81.99% 80.10% 58.97%
Understand Bill 81.0% 83.92% 54.50% 68.08%
Ease of Contact 95.0% 92.47% 92.00% 89.37%

Strategic Advisory Committee (Rural)

The purpose of the Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) is to provide guidance and advice to the Board on strategy, policy or industry matters as they affect irrigation customers and LMW generally.

SAC Membership

The SAC will consist of Twelve (12) democratically elected Members.

There is 2 members elected from each of the Red Cliffs, Mildura, Merbein and Robinvale Irrigations Districts, the Millewa rural area and Private Diversions zone.

Current SAC Members
District Area Member
Red Cliffs




Private Diverters


Tim Milner and Greg Milner

Stephen Bennett and Richard Wells

Frank Dimasi and Zoe Dichiera

Robert Albanese and Rocco Violi

Andrew Young and Toby Smith

Allen Harmer and Ron Hards

Customer Service Advisory Committees (Rural)

The purpose of the Customer Service Advisory Committees (CSACs) is to provide advice to the Board and Management of the Corporation on a range of water and service related matters.

The Corporation may seek advice from the CSACs on Corporate Planning embracing maintenance priorities, capital expenditure requirements, service levels, tariff changes and billing regimes and any other matters of mutual interest referred to the CSACs by the Board of the Corporation.

CSACs Membership

There are 6 members on each CSAC representing each irrigation district (Red Cliffs, Merbein, Robinvale and Mildura).

There is also a CSAC for the Millewa Rural District and the Private Diverters.

Current CSAC Members

Red Cliffs Merbein
Tim Milner
Giovanni Paolucci
Frank Pedulla
Matt Ryan
John Strangio
Rocco Tassone
David Beard
Andrew Hudson
Lindsay McClelland
Richard Wells
Stephen Bennett
(Vacancy x 1)
Robinvale Mildura (FMID)
Ian Boyd
Lindsay Camera
Frank Costantino
Ken Stringer
(Vacancy x 2)
Steven Frasca
Peter Jones
Greg Milner
Tim Milner
Peter Middleton
Don Marciano
Private Diverters Millewa
Andrew Fremder
Anthony Spiers
Tim Millen
Darren Minter
Robert Wheatley
Terri-Anne Wilson
Allen Harmer
Neil Boord
Ron Hards
Colin Hunt
Annette Lambert
(Vacancy x 1)