Contractors have started laying pipes for the upgrade of Mildura irrigation districts Rising Main project.

The $3.5million project involves the replacement of the existing main which was built in the early 1950’s with the installation of new 2.2-metre diameter pipe, with a total of 555 metres of new pipe to be installed for the project.

The works are expected to be completed by late August 2019, in readiness for the new irrigation season. During the works, it is expected a short shutdown period will occur late July for commissioning and cut-over works. Customers can view further information on the shutdown period on our website – Winter Maintenance Schedule.

Additional works to be carried out as part of this project include replacement of existing manifold structure with new mild steel manifold, connection to existing channel outlet structure and replacement of subsurface drainage pipelines.

Executive Manager, Delivery Geoff Regester said “The works are expected to generate water efficiencies with the aging infrastructure, which was installed in the 1950’s requiring regular maintenance for leaks and will ensure the security of supply for our customers with the reduced risk of failure of the existing rising main.”

“The Mildura Rising Main is a key piece of infrastructure for the district and is the main supply line of water to over 2000 customers in the Mildura district supply system.“

“Our focus is to deliver water to our customers when they need it, and this project will contribute to that security for our customers.” he said.

Sunraysia has a large number of permanent horticulture plantings in the district, supplying water when the crops need it is vital to ensuring the quality of the produce. Our region exports to international markets and water availability through the irrigation network directly links to the success in meeting the high standards of these markets.

The $3.5million project has been incorporated into the existing pricing for the Water Plan 2018 – 2023 and will also see a reduction in ongoing maintenance costs for the Rising Main.