Blue Green Algae in Murray River

11th January 2019

Fluctuating levels of Blue Green Algae have been detected in the RiverĀ  Murray from Red Cliffs to Lake Cullulleraine at Lock 9. Potable treated water supplied across Lower Murray Water remain unaffected and is suitable for drinking.

A red alert (high level) has been issued for the Mildura Weir pool from the Chaffey Bridge to and Lock 11 and weir, including the Mildura Marina.

Blue Green Algae is a naturally occurring organism which can grow quickly in river systems. Therefore people are advised to be aware of water quality during water-based recreational activities.

In rural areas from Nyah to the South Australian Border, private diversion customers accessing raw water should monitor pumps sites for any signs of Blue-Green Algae.

For further advice on applying blue-green algae affected water on crops and stock watering please contact your industry body or Department of Agriculture.

Parks Victoria advises that anyone visiting a park or reserve should observe and follow directions on signage and check the Parks Victoria website for site-specific information about Blue-green algae:


All rural customers are advised to keep tanks topped up for their domestic use and prepare to isolate supplies if required. This provides access to an unaffected supply that may be impacted by Blue-Green Algae.

Lower Murray Water will continue to monitor algae levels and issue advice to the community through the radio, SMS Alerts, social media, local newspapers and our website (www.lmw.vic.gov.au).

To subscribe to our SMS alert services please contact our office 50513 400.

For further information on Blue Green Algae go to the following websites: