2019/2020 irrigation season final meter readings

The 2019/20 irrigation season is coming to an end and Lower Murray Water (LMW) is required to enter final meter readings into the Victorian Water Register by 5pm Monday 29 June.

Where possible, rural customers are encouraged to finalise water use and irrigation on Sunday 28 June to allow for telemetry transmissions and last-minute readings to be recorded.

Final meter readings are collected via automatic and manual methods progressively throughout the month of June. Any water used after final meter readings have been recorded will be deemed usage from the 2020/21 irrigation season allocation, unless customers contact LMW to update their reading.

We encourage customers to monitor their meter readings during June to ensure they are consistent with the data recorded on the LMW online water ordering site, which can be accessed by logging in here.

Meter readings can be updated by contacting LMW on 03 5051 0795 before 5pm Monday 29 June.